Why Should You Choose Online Veterinary Distributors?

Most of us love and take care of pets as if they are our family members. You must be taking your pet to a veterinarian every time it is not doing well but do you ever think about the stores where the veterinarians get the medicines for your pet? You should be aware about such facts as it concerns the health of your pet.

So, if you are curious to know about the dealers who provide the best quality medicines to a vet, you should look up the online veterinary distributors. A major advantage that vets get for buying from these dealers is that while they can get the medicines that are not available in the markets anymore, they can also buy the medicines that have been introduced into the markets recently. While the vets are supplied with the generic compositions of medicines, they also get compounded drugs from these distributors.

One of the major advantages of buying from online veterinary distributors is that the medicines are shipped to the vets in required quantities. A substantial stock of medicinal supplies ensure the owners of the pets that there is a round the clock availability of medicines whenever they visit a veterinary clinic. There are also many other benefits that the online veterinary medicine stores have over the brick and mortar clinics such as:


Vets have the convenience of ordering medicines from the comforts of their home or clinic. It is also convenient for the pet owners to get medicines that are manufactured in another city or country. The vets can order mixtures and compounds that are made according to your pet’s health condition.

Low prices

Online veterinary distributors do not have to spend in overhead costs as in the case of brick and mortar stores. Therefore, they can make considerable savings in the market price of medicines, which spells huge discounts for you.

Wider range

A reputed online vet store generally has a wide range of medicines. A major benefit of buying from online vet stores is that you can buy a substantial stock to last you really long. A veterinarian not only gets a variety of generic and compounded drugs but can buy drugs in bulk amounts too. Thus, a Veterinarian must look for client-centric veterinary online distributors like Amatheon.com. While a distributor like Amatheon takes care of their specific requirement of medicines, it also provides automatic renewals. Ready to place your order?

How Pharma Drugs Can Harm Pets

When a medic reaches out for that pack of generic heparin from her pharmacy shelf, does she know who produced the drug and how was it manufactured? If she doesn’t know this, then she wouldn’t know whether its contaminated or not, and using it could be harmful.

The FDA recently found a number of tainted batches the drug heparin. And since, adulterated pharmaceutical drugs are everywhere, it’s quite a possibility that many drugs sold as veterinary pet products are tainted too.

Whatever be the intention of the drug suppliers and manufacturers of these bogus drugs, most often it’s the greed to making big money, the moot point is to ensure a safe pet supplies of these medicines.

Not to far back, a couple of months, a news network busted a drug manufacturer in China trying to make counterfeits of some popular drugs by mixing arsenic, road paint and what not, severely tainting them, which would have had serious repercussions for consumers.

Also, in 2007, and as the Wall Street Journal reported, In fiscal 2007, the FDA ran 31 domestic counterfeit-drug investigations, which could include products with ingredients manufactured overseas. Similarly, in in 2006 there were 54 investigation and in 2005 the number was 32.

Hence, it goes without saying that if fake drug products have found their way in human bodies, can the pets bodies be insulated. Most of the supply of tainted products lands up in the US from overseas, and many pet supplies for drugs are procured wholesale, just as pet accessories are.

On the face of it, it might appear that goods brought from overseas are to blame. But it might not be the case, because a lot of supplies for outside are properly produced. More important thing, perhaps is to choose the right sources of veterinary supplies.