Scary Drugs Found in Drinking Water

You go to your faucet, to fill up that nice icy cold glass full of crisp water (H2O), or perhaps you are filling up that bottle for your newborn baby to mix it with some formula. Beware of some new findings of drugs found in drinking water. These are findings that are even found in regular bottled H2O as many companies who sell the bottled form, get it right from the very same tap as you do.

Little do we know, about 46 million Americans are affected by this problem and do not ever realize it. Drugs are dumped into the system from human waste to people flushing away their old medications. It is not only resulted from humans either, some cattle are given an ear implant to help slow the release of a steroid, however about 10% of that is actually passed right through. Many veterinary drugs are a problem as well. Pets are treated for just about everything just as humans are, and those drugs can be flushed down the toilet just the same. It is not only our drinking from the tap, it is also being found in some common lakes that many of us will go swimming at.

Common drugs that have been found are anti-convulsants, tranquillizers, hormones, cholesterol medications, heart medications and vast range of other medications. Little by little each day we take a drink of what we feel is to be safe, it is truly hiding these dangerous medications that we do not need.

Right now our federal government does not require the treatment plants to test for any form of drugs in our drinking water. There are no set limits at all set for them. How safe do you feel knowing that this problem is not even tested for?

Many treatment facilitates send out a yearly statement letting you know exactly what the quality of their H2O is, parts per million of miscellaneous things, that not every one can understand, but they are not required at all to disclose anything regarding major medications that could be dumped into the system.

Now, knowing all of this, what are you going to do to make sure that what you are ingesting and what you are giving to your families out tap is safe for you to drink? Instead of drinking and ingesting millions of particles of drugs that you are never prescribed, make it stop. Require the government to test and treat for drugs found in drinking water.